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I’ve just put my own first impressions of Judge Jones’ decision up over on my personal blog. Most of it’s redundant with other things that have been posted, so I won’t repeat it all here. I’m just going to copy over the bit that I don’t think has been said enough yet.

It is unclear what is going to happen next, given the outcome of the school board elections in Dover, and no matter what happens this decision is unlikely to mark the end of efforts to dilute the teaching of science in this country. But it sure is good to see that the federal courts are still willing to step in and protect our rights. Regardless of what happens next, thanks are due to a whole lot of people who put in a whole lot of time and effort on this case.

The expert witnesses for the plaintiffs, Barbara Forrest, Kenneth Miller, Kevin Padian, Robert Pennock, John Haught, Brian Alters, and Kevin Padian, worked as volunteers on this case. The lawyers from the ACLU of Pennsylvania, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, and the law firm of Pepper Hamilton put in an enormous amount of time, effort, and energy. Genie Scott, Wesley Elsberry, Nick Matzke, Susan Spath, and the rest of the staff at the National Center for Science Education worked tirelessly behind the scenes.

Thanks are particularly due to Tammy Kitzmiller, Bryan Rehm, Christie Rehm, Deborah Feinmore, Joel Lieb, Steven Stough, Beth Eveland, Cynthia Sneath, Julie Smith, Barrie Callahan, and Frederick Callahan - the plaintiffs in the case. They, and the partially overlapping group of parents who took back the school board, have demonstrated once again that a small group of committed people really can change things for the better.

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(Update: Ed has a "thank you" list here, and Burt mentions others here. As someone who got to watch a bit behind the scenes, there was definitely an amazing amount of work that went into this case--and what I saw was only the tip of the iceberg. Ku... Read More

Quick post as I have to head out for the day but will post again later... Judge Jones has found for the plaintiffs in Kitzmiller v Dover, holding that ID is not science and that the ID policy violates both... Read More

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Thank you for listing all the folks who deserve credit, along with the astute Judge Jones, for this excellent victory.

Good things don’t just happen. Good people work hard to make them happen. Thanks, again, to Panda’s Thumb contributors Nick Matzke and Wesley Elsberry, and to all the rest of the folks who backed up their convictions with their courage, time, and energy!

Very well done!

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