Posted by Nick Matzke on December 22, 2005 03:49 PM

Back in January I seem to remember the Thomas More Law Center declaring “A Revolution in Evolution Is Underway.” But today, according to the Associated Press, “Santorum says will break ties to law firm that represented school district on intelligent design.” Now, Santorum was on the TMLC board, and encouraged the Dover Area School Board early on – see for example his January 23, 2005, op-ed in the Allentown [PA] Morning Call, entitled “A Balanced Approach to Teaching Evolution,” (helpfully now hosted on the Discovery Institute website) wherein Santorum wrote, “The Dover Area School District has taken a step in the right direction by attempting to teach the controversy of evolution.”

But, I guess that’s what poor Thomas More gets for repeatedly citing Santorum and his attempted amendment to the No Child Left Behind Act – Santorum’s name came up 36 times in the trial transcripts, in fact.

While we’re discussing law firms, it is worth checking out the press releases and related information of the ACLU (and letters they’ve received), Americans United, and the 600-pound gorilla in this case, Pepper-Hamilton. Sign up for the first two, and send all three your compliments – they each made a heavy investment in this case, and even if the judge awards some fees after the win, it is highly unlikely they will recoup all of their costs.