John M. Lynch posted Entry 3194 on June 16, 2007 07:51 PM.
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Over at Uncommon Descent, Dembski wonders how the NCSE will deal with "the growing number of non-religious ID proponents" and links to this blog which is something called ICON-RIDS "an international coalition of non-religious ID scientists & scholars." Turns out ICON-RIDS is a one-man coalition, and that the man in question is an "ID Pleasurian ... a non-religious amalgam of ID science and Hefnerian Playboy philosophy."

Read more at Stranger Fruit, where comments can be made.

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Trackback: More "street theater" from Dembski?

Posted by Clever Beyond Measure on June 17, 2007 10:41 AM

John Lynch has a post at Stranger Fruit (cross-posted to Panda's Thumb) regarding a Dembski Post at UD entitled, ICON-RIDS: Non-Religious ID Scientists and Scholars, wherein the Dumb One points to an obvious crank named John Brookfield as an example