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Those rascals at antievolution.org are like the Baker Street Irregulars of the evolutionary forces—they're always doing the legwork to come up with interesting bits of data. Like, for instance, this wonderful example of hypocrisy/inconsistency at Uncommon Descent.

This is what Dembski spat out today, complaining about us manipulative elites (he really deserves a Pastor Ray Mummert Award for it, too):

"Framing," as a colleague of mine pointed out, is the term that UC Berkeley Professor of Linguistics George Lakoff uses to urge Democrats that the public will agree with liberal policies if only the policies are described in different terms — "framed" in other words. Politics aside, framing is part and parcel with the condescension of our secular elite that the masses cannot be reasoned with and must therefore be manipulated.

And here's what Grima DaveScot said last year:

I will remind everyone again — please frame your arguments around science. If the ID movement doesn't get the issue framed around science it's going down and I do not like losing. The plain conclusion of scientific evidence supports descent with modification from a common ancestor...

I am amused, and I shall deign to give you peons leave to chortle quietly, if you promise to be decorous about it and not go on too long … … … that was long enough. Stop now, and go back to being mindlessly subservient.

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Comment #169105

Posted by k.e. on April 10, 2007 7:14 PM (e)

OK, But call me mindlessly subversive again and I’ll bite your arm off
…What’s that?
..he said WHAT? …‘mindlessly subservient’ SPEAK UP I CAN’T HEAR YOU
……”mindlessly subservient”..WHY YOU ROTTEN LITTLE!!!!

Comment #169125

Posted by shiva on April 10, 2007 9:27 PM (e)

The pompous you-know-what he is BillyBoy can’t help dropping names of high falutin’ professors even as he complains about the secular elite framing issues for the masses. Does the guy read his posts before he clicks “Submit” Associating with the likes of DaveScot has left BillyD’s brains fried. It’s fun to watch BillyBoy fret, fume and sputter in indignition.

Comment #169130

Posted by PvM on April 10, 2007 10:06 PM (e)

Now that’s ironic. Of course, was it not Johnson who wanted to frame the discussion and is it not ‘teach the controversy’ which is a blatant attempt to frame the issue?

Oh the irony… Oh the hypocrisy…

Let’s just hope Bill’s intelligent designer has a sense of humor.