PZ Myers posted Entry 2686 on November 3, 2006 10:10 AM.
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In my review of the embryology of Jonathan Wells in PIGDIG, I made a specific example of the abuse of a quote from Bill Ballard; I pointed out that he selectively edited the quote to completely distort Ballard's point in the cited paper, and used that to show how dishonest all of Wells' work was.

Now Tim McGrew of Kalamazoo wants to accuse me of intentionally distorting Wells' words. I didn't just selectively edit, he thinks I actively changed Wells' words to make my point.

Let me rephrase that: Myers has changed Wells's wording and then has the temerity to accuse Wells of misleading the reader at the very point where Myers himself has made the change in Wells's words.

Let me put that more bluntly: Myers is lying through his teeth. Literally. He is actually that dishonest. And not a single commentator on Panda's Thumb for the past two months could be bothered to check Myers's quotation against Wells's actual words to see whether Myers was telling the truth.

Sal Cordova, sycophant of the ID movement, has of course leapt upon this claim at Uncommon Descent as well. Let's see how accurate McGrew and Cordova are.

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Comment #142389

Posted by antony on November 3, 2006 10:59 AM (e)

Have the folks over at US not heard about this?

It seems relevant to this thread:


Comment #142396

Posted by PvM on November 3, 2006 12:14 PM (e)

See Sal backpedal… What a funny sight…

Comment #142444

Posted by steve s on November 3, 2006 6:23 PM (e)

You know what this reminds me of? That business where Pim accurately quoted Dembski and Dembski and pals wrongly flipped out:


Like this PZ Myers business, it also features DonaldM acting like an hysterical idiot.

Comment #142481

Posted by PvM on November 4, 2006 12:55 AM (e)

In an ultimate display of gutzpah, Sal is now asking nay demanding that PZ apologizes…
Has Sal apologized for his posting of the accusations, even though he now seems to distance himself from them…

Show some spine…

Comment #142572

Posted by Kristine on November 4, 2006 8:32 PM (e)

Show some spine…

He’d have to evolve one first. Too bad that individuals do not themselves evolve.

Comment #142683

Posted by Glen Davidson on November 5, 2006 7:58 PM (e)

Now the old “we’re equal” nonsense kicks in. Or rather, “we were equal, but McGrew apologized and PZ did not, so really McGrew is (and we are) better.”

What I’d say regarding that is that as far, as I can discern (not having read the chapter—I’m going to buy his book?), PZ was correct. Now he was polemical (anything new about that?), and did not write the most objective review of Wells’s chapter. Nevertheless, Wells evidently used rather confusing terminology (what is “late”? And, why do we hear a good deal about “blastula” and “gastrula”, while “pharyngula” is (so Myers writes) missing from the chapter?), and the “callout” is in fact what Wells has written previously (meaning that if Regnery put it in, it was because Wells had written it in earlier published material).

Had PZ written that he was trying to be as objective as possible, instead of writing a polemical review, McGrew might have some excuse for asking for an apology on behalf of Wells. But PZ quite frankly noted the second-rate quote-mining, then implied that Wells had nevertheless discussed the “hourglass”.

If there is any missing apology, then, it is the one owed to PTers, for McGrew’s sleazy suggestion that we should have checked up on Myers’ statement. First off, we had no such obligation, both because we needn’t buy Wells’s book (it isn’t available to me at local those kinds of mistakes. Secondly, there was no mistake that we should have detected. Hence he owes us an apology, and we haven’t received one from McGrew or the herd of accusers at UD.

Not that I actually want an apology from such people. I only want to point out the one apology that is “owed”, if any, and one that McGrew, Sal, Todd, and the rest have not given up to this time.

Glen D

Comment #142994

Posted by Rusty Catheter on November 7, 2006 6:46 AM (e)

Tim McGrew and his entire department and their combined profiles and “representative publications” lists give the distinct impression that they have individually and collectively never actually been inside a laboratory, held a pipette or calibrated a meter in their life. Give it a look, it’s a hoot. The trivially demonstrable falsity of McGrew’s ravings would appear to be about equal to the best they can manage. WMU must have plenty of spare money.


Comment #143043

Posted by Rusty Catheter on November 7, 2006 9:12 AM (e)

I apologise for my previous comment. I have no idea what prompted such a hostile outburst. If the board administrators feel compelled to remove it that would suit me too.

Rusty Catheter.